As I scoured news articles and other forms of social media I came to understand one thing.. Whose voice really matters? Who is telling the truth? Whose voice is being heard? Who is being silenced?  These questions have plagued my mind and really made me think.

Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll via Compfight cc

I did not come by much more than saying that social media and its use by people for social justice has become a growing march for solidarity amongst people from around the world.  There are people who post things that others feel they need to reblog/repost/retweet/etc.  But do they really understand what they are saying or doing by doing such an act.  I think people get so caught up in being part of “something” that they do not fully understand what is going on.  People do not take time to read different points of view, or hear different stories.  Which means in hindsight that we are silencing other voices and making our voices heard.

For example.. This past week the United States Supreme Court made the decision to legalize Gay Marriage across the country with no ifs and or buts.  People have been in an uproar of excitement, changing their profile picture to be rainbow coloured, or tweeting #LoveWins, changing the Colours of the White House, Niagara Falls, etc…..EVEN WORDPRESS ADDED A RAINBOW TO THE TOP OF THEIR WEBSITE.  

This is great and all….but as a gay person I am extremely annoyed by all of the change that people are suddenly going through.. I do not think tweeting the #LoveWins or changing your profile picture is social justice.. It just goes to show you follow the fads of society and go along with what everyone else is doing.  I am guilty of the hashtag, But I do support the fact that gay marriage is legalized, but I am not going to be crazy about doing so.  Do not get me wrong I think it is great all these people are showing their support with their social media voice.. But is there a change actually happening?  Just because the United States decides gay marriage is legal, that makes everyone equal? Although the battle towards equality just took a huge step in the future, I feel like we took a huge step backwards… It will fade away next week as something new and bigger becomes available for all of us to follow and talk about.

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This makes me sad, there were people who commented on this status who had changed their profile picture, the one using the “fucking homo” comment had her picture changed to support pride.  You’re actions speak louder than words…Maybe I am being a bit cynical here, but this is not Social Justice…. This is bigotry.

“People say they are one thing but go and do another”

I think celebrating these things needs to happen everyday not just because a country with as much power as the United States says its okay for everyone now to celebrate PRIDE!

Social Media has been used as a tool to promote a voice of people who have been wronged or duped.  They use their voice to spread a message of inequality, to get people to support and stand behind them in solidarity.   By doing all these things and showing support is that really changing everything, or everyone for instance.  There are still people in the LGBTQ community who will be bullied and or murdered for who they are.  But are we changing our profile pictures to support that.. No.  I think that we get caught up in these fads of sharing our stance on something that we do not actually show real support.  Also some people use their voice as a scapegoat, not really meaning anything they say or do online.

Now I know that Social Media has been used for good in the past but social justice wise I just do not think people are being true all the time.  Are they actually fighting for the cause or just going along with the herd?

I bring back the questions..

Whose voice really matters? Who is telling the truth? Whose voice is being heard? Who is being silenced?

We talked a lot about co-opting peoples voices when Social Media is being used for Social Justice.  I think co-opting is exactly what is going on right here, right now.  I feel like I am being so negative here but it just hurts my heart that people suddenly change on a dime, when I have been fighting for pride for most of my life.

It goes the same for the rights of Black people in America;  they have been struggling for human rights and now their woes are being silence by this change.  It is one thing after another on Social Media.  I stand in solidarity with them, but I do not share my voice because my fight is in supporting their work and what these people are doing to change the landscape of human rights.

Social Media and Social Justice is such a hard topic for me to discuss because I do not really understand it..  In some ways I think it is good by getting the voices out there but sometimes I think we go to far and never really understand what kind of movement we are supporting..  I apologize for my lack of interest in this new movement going on in America with the legalization of Gay Marriage.. But I had to share my opinion.

Social Justice has been a topic that is at the root of my education program.  I do believe in the idea that I am teaching for social justice, or want to be teaching for social justice – but how does one go about it.  I feel lost and confused, I try to understand but something else comes along and totally throws me off.  What do I do?

Am I wrong?  What do you think about Social Media and Social Justice? Are we doing the right thing?  Are we silencing others to make our own voice heard?  Are we following the fad just so we can be part of “something”?